Discover everything about my personal works as a game dev, mostly on Apple platforms

Welcome to My New Website!

A few months ago, I shifted the way I was handling my personal projects to better combine my interests and being able to keep up with new technologies (like Swift, SwiftUI, Metal or Vulkan).

But then, I realized I had no place to share progress about everything I do. Twitter is a good place to start but it is not designed for detailed articles. It’s great to spread the word though. However, once you get an audience, you have to drive them somewhere.

And as some aspects of the professional projects I’m involved in at Alt Shift are already detailed on my Medium page, I wanted a special place for my personal work.

So, here’s my devlog!

What Will You Find Here

I want to start small and grow slowly, so don’t expect ground-breaking news right away.

Here’s mostly the topics I will address in the near future:

  • In 2012, I released my first iOS app called Nihongo no Kana. It was coded in Objective-C at the time and I am migrating it to Swift and SwiftUI. I will detail the process in future posts.
  • I have done small experiments with SpriteKit in the last months and I will continue to dig into the framework and its companions, and share my results here.
  • On the web front, I recently found myself drawn towards PHP once more. And with the recent release of PHP 8, I am upgrading my old codebase to support the very interesting new features and keep me up to date with the language. No, it’s not dead yet.
  • You might eventually found some TypeScript or VSCode related stuff here as it is my main IDE for everything web-related.

Let’s Connect

For more information or if you’re interested in my professional works with Alt Shift, you can also follow me on Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn or GitHub.