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My 2023 Roadmap

2023 Goals

This post is a direct follow-up to my 2022 retrospective. This time I will lay out my goals for the new year, regarding my projects and this website.

Post More Often

Six posts in 2022 is not nothing. But in my opinion, it’s not enough. I’m not aiming for quantity over quality though. However, I should be able to publish more often without sacrificing content. Good regular content probably requires planning and that’s exactly what I will do. I already have six other posts in the pipeline and hope to publish once every two weeks going forward.

A few examples:

  • Lighting with CiderKit
  • A Formal Introduction to MFX
  • Work-Life Balance is not Binary

Updating My iCloud Implementation

Almost since its initial release, Nihongo no Kana has always supported iCloud synchronization accross devices. However, the current implementation uses deprecated features and I have yet to find a replacement, as no explicit upgrade path is provided by Apple. This is the least likely update to happen this year as it will require a lot of research, trial and error while implementing, and testing to ensure a consistent experience to the users. I have to admit that I’m not looking forward to this task.

Releasing MFX 1.0

Last year, I froze the source code of MFX while planning a 1.0 release. However, a big part of the documentation is still missing. My plan is to complete the missing pages and proceed with a formal release before the end of the year. This is doable, and MFX can make a very good tool for writing fast and efficient PHP websites or even APIs.


A lot of things happened with CiderKit last year, and a lot will happen this year. However, The Untitled Project remains mostly undefined at this point and will probably end up being a multi-year journey.

How can I be sure I’m moving in the right direction? I can’t if I’m waiting for the final release. And that would be stupid. So my plan is to release smaller incremental games, for which I build tools that can be reused accross projects, expanding the scope of CiderKit progressively.

My main focus this year will be around UI, as the first of these smaller games should not need much more on the sprite assets side, now that I have animation tools at hand. Expect news and screenshots all year round, and maybe a release at the beginning of 2024.

Six Months From Now

The start of the summer holidays, at the beginning of July here in France, will be a good point in time to check on these goals, to see how many have been reached and how many won’t be fulfilled.

So stay tuned!

Header image by Jernej Furman under Creative Commons 2.0