Objective-C to Swift - The Journey - Part 1

Objective-C to Swift - The Journey - Part 1
Nihongo no Kana, my app designed to help beginners learn the basic japanese alphabets (hiragana and katakana), was initially released in May 2012. It was the days of the iPhone 4S, of the very first iPad Retina and of iOS 5. Fast forward to 2021. Many things have changed. Now is the time to move to Swift and SwiftUI. In this post, I discuss the challenges I faced and how I'm intending to proceed with the migration.
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Welcome to my New Website!

A few months ago, I shifted the way I was handling my personal projects to better combine my interests and being able to keep up with new technologies (like Swift, SwiftUI, Metal or Vulkan).

But then, I realized I had no place to share progress about everything I do. Twitter is a good place to start but it is not designed for detailed articles. It’s great to spread the word though. However, once you get an audience, you have to drive them somewhere.

And as some aspects of the professional projects I’m involved in at Alt Shift are already detailed on my Medium page, I wanted a special place for my personal work.

So, here’s my devlog!

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About Me

Senior Unity Developer at Alt Shift by day, hobbyist game dev the rest of the time, this devlog is all about my personal works.
Apple user for more than 15 years. Expect most projects here to be Apple-compatible only.

If you're looking for info about Alt Shift's commercial projects, check my Medium page, or Alt Shift social accounts.